My client landed their $500K client quickly and easily, and here’s how you can do it too. 



My client landed their latest client by asking their network for introductions. They got introduced to a major player that could use their help and initially were contracted for $500K, with more potential leads.


They also asked me to make introductions for them and asked all their employees to do the same. 


Leveraging your existing network to gain new clients works and can land you your next new client quickly and easily. 


Here’s how you can do the same.


Activate your network


My client asked their network for introductions to people in their networks. You should do the same. Ask your network to help you connect with the people in their networks. This works well as you ask your network, people that know like, and are willing to help you, to make warm introductions to the people that know them; who are, therefore, more prone to respond. 


Now, who can you ask? Anyone in your network, who knows and likes you. And that’s a lot of people because what’s not to like :). 


Think of:


– Family

– Friends

– Clients

– Form clients

– Former colleagues (this was a hit for my client)

– People you used to work with

– People from your church, sports club, volunteer job, etc. 

– Your connections on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram that you do know

– Parents from your children’s school

– People you’re with through networking


A cheat sheet to your $500K client

How to get people to help you


When my client asked me to make introductions for them, I was happy to. Yet, I haven’t done it. It’s not that I don’t want to help them, even though I’m extremely busy but I need some guidance. I need to know how to introduce them, and better yet how to do this in a way that my network would respond positively to my request. As I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. 


How can you make sure that when you ask your network to make an introduction for you, they’ll do this? By doing the work for them!


Write an email for them that they can use to send out to their network. All they have to do is sign it with their name and send it out. 


Make it so easy for them, and they simply can’t refuse. Make it a low burden for people in your network.



Get as much exposure as possible


Now we are all busy, so at the end of the day, there will still be people who are unable to make the introductions for you. As much as they love you. That’s why you need exposure, let’s do some math


You ask 60 people in your network that know you, like you, and are willing to help you to email their network

· If 30% (18 people) do that, it would be amazing. Don’t be mad at the other 70% make sure to build stronger relationships with them

· If each of those 18 people sends your email to 5 people, you’re reaching 90 people!

· And all you need is one person of those 90 that’s eager to work with you. You only need 1%.


Remember, you made a positive impression on so many people, they are willing to send out an email for you. 


If you like this idea, start making a list of all the people you can easily email, and don’t be shy! See whether you can make it to 60, or better yet even more. Next week I’ll take you through the steps that ensure your network actually sends out the email, as well as the email that will land you that $500K client. 


Propel your success


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Be the CEO of your life, work less, get more,



Yvonne Dam

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