Have you ever wondered why you’re so drained at the end of the day? And you wish you had some energy left?

Or have you ever experienced that when you made a planning, a decent one, that you couldn’t keep it? No matter how much you wanted to adhere to the plan drafted?

Most likely because you weren’t doing it right.

Planning and keeping to that plan in a straight line, is a gift that only a few of us possess. Most of us have a plan, and then life takes over.

My guest Dr. Rowena Winkler knows all about this, as she had her whole career planned and then was pushed in a different direction -twice-. And even though she had years of study under her belt, she chose to follow this new path.

Today in the ‘Be the CEO of your Life’ live show Rowena shares her story with you ánd lets you in on a secret.

👉Why planning your day using the energetics works best 👈

Tune in today @ 18:30 live here! And ask your questions.

Be the CEO of your life, work less, get more,


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Yvonne Dam

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