Many people are wasting time as they do not have the right focus.

Activities are not goals.

Three minutes into my conversation with Stacey, I was already hooked.

This is what needs to be addressed, and that’s why Stacey, author of 5 books with #1 best seller status in multiple countries, is on our “Be the CEO of your Life” Liveshow.

The first episode of the New Year!

Yes, this is all about working less and living more.

Helping you to know what to focus on and what to leave for later, for others, or for not at all.

Stacey is a success coach who’s an expert in selling from your comfort zone.

Are you as excited as I am?

Join us Tuesday, January 10 @ 13:00 EST (New York) / 19:00 (Barcelona) here live.

Yvonne Dam

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