In an interview two years ago Master KG was asked what he was dreaming off. He said: “For the whole world to know my brand Master KG.”, which made everyone in the studio laugh. 

Now the whole world knows him as he produced the popular song Jerusalema. His song has gone viral 2 years’ after the release date, and it’s in isiZulu.

It made me smile and think ‘You see – it is all possible’! 

Now don’t expect an “all you have to do is dream and your dreams will always come true” story here. Because I know it takes action to make your dreams come through. But it did stir something in me.

It got me thinking of some of my clients, who were feeling on the verge of a breakthrough. Like Laura, who said I am on the verge of making more money with my business, I’m so close.

And Kathleen, who is on the verge of hiring that qualitative good team to support her. So she can attract even more high-paying clients.

On the verge of making their dreams come through

They’re on the verge of making it happen. They can feel it. But there’s only so much you can do on your own.

So you can either keep struggling and being on the verge, or get help and get to your desired success. Like Master KG, who invited his friend Noncebo, to remaster the original song. Thén it got picked and healthcare practitioners worldwide now dance to it.

Breakthrough on the verge of your own success - be the ceo of your life and amaze yourself

These are the key-take aways

Master KG wasn’t an overnight success, he got laughed at too. But he made it work. This is what made the difference:

  1. He believed in himself (against all odds)
  2. He kept his focus on 1 thing, his music
  3. He kept continuously improving that 1 thing
  4. He kept going because he loves what he does – and he has a dream
  5. He got help

You can do it on your own- if you have the time

Sure you can get far on your own if you want to wait some extra years. But if you’re as eager and driven as my clients are, you don’t want to wait. You want it to happen NOW. You’re ready for your next level of success.

Like Ed, who told me, after working with me, “I’ve gained confidence in my business, I know no matter what I’ll make it work”. He’s getting the turnover he wants (40% more than before), the customers he wants (15% more) and he’s building onto his dream.

When you want to fast track your success

So when you’re feeling this is you, on the verge of your breakthrough, reach out. Let me help you get even more successful than you currently are.

What made you smile?

To get you into the vibe of feeling like your successful self already, watch this compilation of world-wide Jerusalema dancers. It made me smile. What made you smile today?

I would love to hear from you, so share it with me. Simply send me an email.

Be the CEO of your life,




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