Monday is the day I devote to writing. I used to write 7 blogs a week (that’s a lot and I will tell you all about that soon) but I pulled it off in one day.

For many people, the holiday is around the corner. Even though it feels really weird to me, as due to COVID-19, travel had been stopped or postponed for many, the borders are opening up again. And personally, the one thing that is an eminent reminder to me, is that schools will close for 6 weeks.


So there you have it, the holiday is around the corner 

The one beautiful thing a holiday provides (whether you’re going away or staying at home and enjoy your break) is productive hours.

Have you ever noticed that once you’re about to take a leave of absence, the work starts piling up? Everyone wants to get “quickly some work done”.

Add that to all the work that was already on your to-do list, and the work you’ve been procrastinating on, and you have a huge pile to work through before you’re off.


Apply Parkinson’s law

But more often than not, prior to your holiday, you will be able to pull it all off. You will have worked through your huge pile of to-dos. And here is how:


1. Prioritise.

What clients really need this first? Those are the jobs, you’ll start working on first. Including the tasks that involve feedback round, so you’ll be finished on time.


2. Don’t overthink things. 

Since you’re out of time, you simply start and finish without contemplating or wanting to make everything look perfect. You simply do it.

3. Stop any distractions. 

There is no time for mindless scrolling through dog videos or African Havana’s. You don’t answer your phone straight away and you’ll answer your email at set and limited times.


4. Reward yourself.

You work hard because you know you’re going to take a long break soon. You have something to look forward to and you work towards your reward.


Get work done as if you're going on holiday - be the ceo of your life


5. Set deadlines. 

Apply Parkinson’s Law, meaning you set yourself a fixed time to work on a task. In that time the job needs to be done. This specifically applies to the last day before leaving. Because you set an end time, the work will be done indeed.

These tips you can apply before going on holiday, or during your daily life. They’ll boost your productivity.


Final productivity hack

Then there is one more productivity hack I can share with you. It is called batching, a technique that is extremely powerful and that allowed me to write 7 blogs in one day.

It’s a technique that I still use throughout my week, making Monday the best example. Monday is blocked as my writing day. That is the day on which I write 3 blogs, as well as my social media content, and have the afternoon off.

Want to know how this works? Click here and get your action plan to “do more in less time”. 

Work together

Looking for ways to improve your productivity even further, without you working your fingers through the bone? Making go on holiday as something you can do with ease and without guilt?

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Be the CEO of your life,


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