It’s the first Friday of the month of February. Are you where you wanted to be today? 


If you think back on all your goals and aspirations on New Year’s Eve, are you where you wanted to be a month later? 


If you are, I wish you many congratulations and keep up the good work. 


If, in the depths of your heart, you know you’re not and want to make the most of the remaining 11 months (really the most of your life), let’s talk.


“Yvonne has helped me to focus on the critical things that move my business forward. Six weeks after working with Yvonne, my business has doubled. Period.” Heather A. Kollar, Director of Marketing and Business Development, Heather A Kollar Agency. 


Heather, you are getting this message because, through all my years of work, the no. 1 reason for people not becoming who they want to be, is procrastination – or rather, the shiny object syndrome. 

I recorded a 1-minute video telling you how you can deal with this; check it out here.


Once you have your focus, everything changes! Let’s see how we can jumpstart your year, starting now.



Be the CEO of your life. Work less, live more,



Yvonne Dam

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