There’s a big taboo on money. People don’t necessarily like to talk about it; it can either be perceived as bragging or as “not done”.

Many entrepreneurs won’t even look at their financials.

I know because I used to be one of them. Only looking at my financials once every quarter made me lose money. People didn’t pay; electronic payments failed – it wasn’t pretty.

Now I have a new habit. Every Monday, I start my CEO day by going over my financials. It’s great! I feel and am more in control. I know which clients need to pay, how much money is left to spend, and where I need to focus. Focusing on your financial strategy is critical – but why?

Why you need a financial strategy

Why you need a financial strategy

Watch this 20-minute video on why you need a financial strategy and what the critical elements of a financial strategy are. And how you can use your values when making financial decisions.

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