Do you ever feel one of the misunderstood, misfits, rebels, and outcasts? Those who are also the high achievers, the beyond powerful, and the push through. 


The ones that make it work no matter what and are ambitious beyond. Some have overcome traumas; for others, there’s no need. All have a different view of the world and a húnger.

A hunger to be yourself and do your own thing. 


Because you’re good at your thing and work hard to make it work.

So damn hard -all the time- because you want, no need, to move the needle.


Do you feel that?


Ready to expand to the next level, to grow. But you also know one thing, it can’t grow as much as you want it to grow, as you’ve reached your limits.


You’re working hard to make things happen, and things dó happen, but now you’re ready to grow further.


Your business, your clients, and yourself. Eager to grow to the next level into a truly powerful organization. 


Because you can, you want to, and know you have to. Tapping more and in a different way in your potential – because you can feel it. Even though you may not always be able to reach it. 


You are ready to soar and grow and expand.


But in your own way, without losing yourself. 


And here’s where I can help you. Having worked hard almost my whole life, always chasing the next level -until no more- I stopped working all the time and used my 30 years of experience to develop my business better, smarter, and above all, with fewer working hours. 


I am a recovered workaholic, and I offer you an AA for workaholics without taking away your drive. But more tapping into that drive, taking what works well for you and turning that into gold. Helping you grow your business your way -within fewer hours- but above all else with more confidence and renewed respect for your own unique ways. 


Because you are different, we need more different, more unique, more you. 


Are you ready for more YOU?


If so, reach out and see how I can help. 


Be the CEO of your life, work less, live more,




PS Want to experience how I work? Join me on a special MasterClass with Hot Seat Coaching on April 12 @ 12:00 PM /18:00 CET “Growing your business to the next level, how do you become the strategic CEO?” Register here.

Yvonne Dam

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