Today is the first day back after a long weekend in Paris. It was so lovely to be away for 4 days, and it feels like a total reset. Even more so, as I didn’t work while I was away. Too busy enjoying myself and this amazing city. 

Now that I’m back, I know there’s lots to do. And it’s easy to get overwhelmed quickly because there’s so much to do. So to ensure I save time and get more productive, I take a different approach than most.  


Saving time and boosting your productivity

Instead of opening up all my emails (my personal, business, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram messages) or looking at my notes from before, I left straight away; I don’t look at anything.


I don’t fire up my computer yet, but I do the following to ensure I get my focus back, I have my priorities set up straight and get more done allowing me to be this afternoon with my daughter. 


Regain your focus and set your priorities 

1. Determine your 3 Most Impactful Actions (MIAs) of this day

You know what it is you need to do today. Even before opening up your calendar or checking your email. Write these down. Better yet, start with these actions. When accomplished, you have fired up your productivity. That’s why I am now starting with this blog.

2. Write down what needs to be finished by the end of this week

Again, you know this. That’s how our brain works. It has an internal reminder of what is truly important. I have a deadline to deliver my Q1 finances to my bookkeeper to ensure I pay my quarterly VAT on time. What’s your deadline this week?

3.     Capture the floating “to do’s”

Limiting yourself to writing down only your 3 MIA’s of this day works well. However, it also evokes an avalanche of other action items requiring my attention. So, today, I write these down on a separate list, knowing I will tackle many of these today. But also aware that I can push these out further in the week. This gives me room to deal with unexpected issues.


4.     Compartmentalize when needed

These other to-do’s might be a priority or MIA tomorrow, but not today. That’s why when I feel I have a lot today already with my priorities for that day; I often choose not to write these down. It stresses me out when I feel busy, and I write down another huge to-do list that I know I have no time to work on today. Instead, I refuse to let these get to me and focus on my task at hand today. I compartmentalize. Works well. Try it, and tell me what you think.

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5.     Balance working in and on your business

Growing your business means serving your clients in the best way possible. Your focus is rightfully so on your clients. But to scale your business to the next level, you’ll also need to work on your business. Not just in your business. To ensure this happens, block out time in your calendar. Call it your CEO day. The day you plan, look at your finances (if you don’t do this daily), have team meetings, delegate, and create content. Basically, my day today.


6.     Ensure I have enough time outside of work

Remember, the whole reason you want to get more done in less time is to win time. Much needed time to enjoy yourself without working. When you only want to do more work and free up time to do more work, all you do is working. That will bust your productivity in the long run. It’s unhealthy, and above all, where’s the fun in that? You’re no slave to your company. Free up time to enjoy life. Start by blocking time out in your calendar to do other things than work.


Do you feel you need help with this? Reach out. That’s what my 1:1 coaching is designed to do.


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Be the CEO of your life, work less, get more,



Yvonne Dam

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