If you’re eager to expand your business, scale, and bring it to the next level, ask yourself, what can I start doing differently today? Yes, you’re eager to expand now and get it instantly. I get you.


If you’re wondering why those ‘big change ideas’ never stick and why so many people fail to keep their commitments for change, it’s because they aim to change too much at once. 


I wanted to change my workout. But, after having sponsored so many gyms, I knew that wasn’t my thing. So, I trained at home. But I didn’t like it. So, I told myself I had too much work to do. no time.


Ironic right?


To make a lasting change, I wondered what can I do that helps me feel good and that I see myself doing every day? So I decided to run outside. I love the feeling I get after the run, and I know it supports my mental health to be out in nature. 


Now the high achiever in me wanted to do a 5K run every day and sign up for all kinds of running events immediately to push myself to do more and be better.


Atomic habits that stick 


The “let’s be real” me decided against all that and decided on a 3K run each morning, as many mornings I could master. Since then, I have been going most mornings indeed. 

Not alone does it make me feel better, more accomplished, and boosts my productivity. It also inspires more water drinking, makes me have a green juice, and reduces unhealthy eating.


Create Big Change with Small Steps in your business and your life with business coach,Yvonne Dan on Amaze Yourself

Gets you right back on track

With my move to Barcelona, a lot is happening, making me crave sugary treats more often. And even though I indulge at times, since I’m only human, I can now easier let go. 

The daily morning running serves as a reminder that I want to live healthier, have time for myself, and show up as the best version of myself in my business. 


What are your success habits?


So, the running is a habit-changer in more ways than one. It’s one of my non-negotiables.  

Do you have daily non-negotiables? 


These can also be called success habits, as they’ll lead to more success. 


What habit can you incorporate today that will boost your business?   



Amaze Yourself,



Yvonne Dam

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