Do you ever dance like nobody is watching? Or how to make hard tasks fun again.

Do it in a way that makes you laugh, combine it with something else that you enjoy doing, instead of procrastinating on it.

Today I started the day with a Kukuwa African dance workout. It combines music from various countries like Kenya, Nigeria, and Ghana and brings a lot of joy. Plus, it makes a good workout.

Why do I do it?

For years I felt I wanted to become more flexible, and this is a fun way to do it. I love dancing. And I am dancing like nobody is watching 😉 That helps too.

It made me realize that I also do this with work. When I have to do something I don’t like but is necessary; I find a way to make it more fun.

Not focusing on the negative (not being able to do it) but focusing on the positive (finding another fun way to do it) is what I love to do.

It helps to get more tedious tasks done as well.

When you want that in your business, too, join my MasterMind. It is a unique way to bring back more fun in your business while getting the important work done simultaneously.

Reach out, send me a DM, and we can see whether you are a good fit.

Be the CEO of your life, make life ánd your business fun,


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Yvonne Dam

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