I work too much; why would I need focus?

A potential client came to me today, stating I don’t need focus – I work all hours of the day in any event.

Here’s why they’re wrong.

If you want your situation to change, you need to focus more.

Right now, you’re too busy as you don’t have focus; you do it all. You work too much, and you do it all alone.

Not healthy.

Not for your business nor for you.

When you start to focus only on those matters that truly make an impact, and you take the time off (BIG condition) after that, you’ll start seeing changes.

Your business will shift rapidly.

And, this isn’t easily done.

At all. That is why my MasterMind helps you with that. Giving you back your focus ánd your time.

Reach out, send me a message to discuss, or check the details of my MasterMind in the comments.


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Yvonne Dam

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