Propel your business forward, using the power of gratitude 


The holiday season has started, so gifts galore. So tell me, who do you like to buy gifts for more: 


A. The child that is grateful for all they have, who thanks you for every tiny little thing, including the wrapping paper?  


B. Or the child that only smiles when they get a big-big toy and never seems satisfied with all they have already?


You most likely chose A, the child that’s already so grateful, and you know they’ll be even more grateful. 


Are you acting like a spoiled brat?


You may think you’re not, but are you?


You have big plans to grow your business, and you want to land that next big assignment, have that excellent team in place, and get to the level of success you’re aiming for.


But right now, you’re frustrated.


Because you work hard, you do all the things, and you never have enough time. It’s infuriating. If only you were there already. 


Fast track your success


If this is you, this is what you can do today to fast track your success:


Be grateful for how far you’ve come

1. Be immensely grateful for all that you have in your business and life right now. 

Better yet, write a list, and look at it as a child on Christmas morning. Because truth be told, you’re so much further than you used to be, and many people would die to be where you are today. Appreciate all that you’ve got. Knowing all is well as is. Right now, you’re safe, you’ve got money, and you’re warm. 


Be in a state of abundance


2. When you feel in that state of abundance, and only then, continue to dream about your next steps. 

Your big goals. Because you’re so appreciative of how far you’ve come, it’s easier for you to believe you can take that next step -and the next. You’ll start seeing more opportunities. You’ll make it work. 


Act as if your next step has already materialized


3. If you want to speed up that process, ask yourself how I act, feel, and behave once I reach my big goal? 

What do I say yes to, and what do I decline? Then slowly but surely, start acting like that. And before you know it – you’ve made that next step. All along, be grateful for where you are and cherish your dreams at the same time. 


Your mindset needs a strategy


You’ll be amazed what these above steps can do for you, especially when you pair them with a personalized strategy. 


One of my clients came to me, and we worked on her mindset; she had a request for a recurring 7K monthly client within two days. 


This could be you.


Looking to expand your business by using your strategy and mindset? Reach out to me. This is why I created the High Achievers Freedom Code, to help you uplevel your business in 20% less time. Hit reply or apply here. 


Amaze Yourself,





PS Looking back on last year, what’s the number 1 thing you’re grateful for? Share it in the comments.  

Yvonne Dam

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