This was quite a week for me.

Someone told me – after reading your book, I turned my business around. I only focus on two main things; everything else has to wait, and I get so much more done.

It hit me. A book that I wrote made such an impact on someone else.


A whole lot of gratitude.

When it all of a sudden hits you – the value you bring.

In this short video, I share with you how you can use gratitude in your business to fast-track your success.

Be the CEO of your life, work less, get more,


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Yvonne Dam is a performance coach for people who have too little time and crave to take their business to the next level. Through her programs, and VIP coaching, she’s here to help you grow your business further — while making it all feel like a breeze. Getting you to drastically reduce your working hours.      And when she’s not coaching, you can find her indulging in beach walks, and a sparkly glass of champagne.  Stop working 24/7, bring back the fun & ease in your business and get ready for that next level.                                                          Subscribe to our newsletter for weekly inspiration

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