Saying no seems to be one of the hardest things to do. Especially, saying no to the people who are close to us, be it family, our friends, colleagues or customers.


Research shows that 60% find it hard to say no, and 61% always want to be liked and loved.




Do you recognise that saying no is difficult? 

Do you realize that every time you say yes to your colleague, love or customer when you actually want to say no, you say NO to yourself? You’re also saying: “the other is more important than me”. And that is disastrous for your self-esteem.


Do you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve?   

Saying no becomes easier when you keep in mind what you want to achieve. What is your goal? If the question you are asked contributes to achieving your goal, say yes. If not, simply say no, thank you. That is the only way to achieve your goal quickly and effectively.

“The difference between successful people and really successful people is that really successful people say no to almost everything.~ Warren Buffet”


Saying no is at the expense of you  

Realise that when you say yes to another it will take your time.

Is that really worth it? Or do you win more by going home on time, and possibly doing the other job tomorrow [or later]? The moment it suits you.

1. Keep in mind what your goals are

Make these visual and hang them above your desk. This way you quickly know why you are working. What is asked of you, does that help you achieve your goal in a way that is effective? Say yes. Otherwise, it is always no.

2. Don’t make it personal  

And don’t take it personally. It simply doesn’t fit you right now.

“Know that if you say no, you say no to that question, not that person.”   


3. Make the other feel good, even though you’re saying no

Sorry, I can’t get into this right now, but you’ll be the first one next week because I love helping you. This may be easier to say and helps to maintain the relationship.


4. Don’t get talked into it  

No is no. If someone persists, smile and persevere. This will certainly happen when you just start saying no. People have to get used to you not always saying yes.

5. Say no more often so that you are asked less often  

Do you ever notice that certain jobs are always asked of someone who is very busy? That the same people are always asked? They probably say yes easily. So make sure you say yes less often because people will respect your boundaries faster. [Yes I know, this one sounds counter-productive, read it again carefully]


6. Tit for tat – name the consequences

Now when I get groceries, I have less time to play with the kids. Indicate that if you now write that piece for your boss, you cannot finish the other assignment you are doing for him [or someone else]. And that you think it is important to keep your appointments.

Be the CEO of your life - How to easily say no - online coaching

7. Make yourself less accessible  

So make it harder to reach you. Just think about how many ways people can contact you now and how quickly you respond to it? Email, SMS, WhatsApp, phone calls, questions via the website and so on. Simply turning off notifications and responding when you have time can already lead to the question being resolved by the time you respond.


8. Say something other than no   

  • I love to help you, but not now. Can I schedule the next week (postponement)
  • I would like to do this for you, but don’t have time now. Have you ever read this article? There you will find many valuable answers. (elsewhere >> link to your [internal] website with frequently asked questions)
  • I will not get to this right now, have you already asked Dirk? He may have more time. Or ask Carla, she does a lot of this kind of work (someone else >> expert)

9. Only say yes if you have a HELL YEAH feeling  

If you immediately have doubts or think “oh no more work”, that is a clear no.

Amaze Yourself,




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