When I grew up there was a lot of fighting in my home. My parents couldn’t live with each other, nor could they be without each other.

Me, as a little girl, I tried to soothe everything. Tried to be the peacemaker. Making sure everyone was happy.

Most of the time that meant, making myself invisible. Not so handy when you want to be seen as an entrepreneur nor did it really help me in my corporate career.

Claim it, don’t hide it

As sometimes you simply have to be bold and be seen for all the value you add. You need to claim it, instead of hiding it.

What about you? Are you hiding it? Or are you proudly showing it?


Show it and be proud of it

As a child, I didn’t know that I couldn’t make people happy with themselves. I learned that myself, someone can tell you you’re brilliant but if you don’t feel it yourself, you’ll never believe them.

It’s the same with your added value. If you don’t see it, or you see it but you don’t believe it, then you will not be able to show it, let alone sell it.

And yes you need to sell it. Whether it’s wanting another career, or whether it’s wanting another client. Show it and be proud of it.

stop pleasing everyone, but yourself - be the ceo of your life

Stop downplaying

Last week, I had a coaching session with a client. He spoke about all the things he had done, as well that didn’t really matter, it was “just a small project”. He clearly didn’t feel very highly of his skills.

Yet, when we looked into it, it became clear that what he was doing made an impact. He had held several jobs with budgets of over 1 million euros.

Just because he was good at it, doesn’t mean other people are good at it.


What about you?

Do you have clear what you’re good at?

Are you showing that?

Or is something stopping you?

Are you working harder than you should just to please everyone?


I hear you

So if this is you, know that I see you. I hear you. I have been in your shoes. And I believe it is time to step out of it.

Are you ready to stop pleasing, start embracing your uniqueness and strengths and stop working hard? Book a Power Hour with me for only €119.79, I’ve got you.

Amaze Yourself,



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