How I became a bestselling author [78/365]

Via LinkedIn, I was approached to write a book. Although at first, I thought it was a joke, it turns out – it was legit.

So, I wrote a book!

A book that helps you get more focus get more done in less time, and obtain those results you’re after.

So far, the reviews have been very, very positive, as I asked some people to proofread the book for me and share their thoughts.

Writing a book is a killer and, I believe, may be the no. 1 on all procrastination lists ever. So here’s what I did to write my bestseller.

Have you ever started to write a book? Share below. Or when you’ve written a book, share the link to your book, inspire us!

Be the CEO of your life, write a book,


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Episode 78/365 of the ‘Be the CEO of your Life’ live show.

Yvonne Dam

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