🤩 How to focus more? [79/365]

Focus helps you to get more done in less time.

Sounds good, right? I know. But how do you focus?

Here are the top ways that help you focus:

✅ Get rid of distractions
✅ Put a lock on social media
✅ Limit your focus
✅ Align your actions to your goal
✅ Sleep enough
✅ Take a break
✅ Book a Focus call with me

These seem simple enough, yet many people struggle daily to keep their focus.

That’s why coming Wednesday, I’m hosting a Masterclass to zoom in on each of these different ways.

Join me.

Raise any questions you may have here on Wednesday 13 October @ 12.30 PM Eastern Time / 18.30 Central European Time.

Click remind me to see to receive a reminder at due time.

Leave me a comment and tell me how do you focus more?

Be the CEO of your life, focus more,


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Episode 79/365 of the ‘‘Be the CEO of your Life’’ live show.

Yvonne Dam

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