Focus is not the same as concentration, although you need to concentrate to be able to focus. Some see focus as boring, others live by it. I love it.


Recently, I held a poll on LinkedIn asking my network to help me come up with the best book title. My original title read: Focus and achieve better results. 


I came up with 3 alternatives, all around focus. The answers and suggestions made me realize that not everyone knows how to focus. When I started to apply focus in my business, the results came in fast. That’s why I love to share some of my best ways on how to focus more.


1. Get rid of distractions


Many people in my network are a slave to their email, their phone, and their notifications. Ever been on a call with someone where you constantly hear <ping> as an indication that a new email came in? Or worse, <ping> followed by the eyes of your conversation partner, who’s so distracted they don’t know what to say anymore.


Save yourself time and turn off all notifications, especially the noisy ones.


2. Put a lock on social media


You may tell yourself that you’re working on your social media presence while in reality, you’re numbing your mind by endless scrolling through images and captions. If you are indeed working, make sure to comment on the relevant posts and don’t spend endless time reading without commenting or liking said posts. Setting a limited amount of time to do so, does help. What also helps is to carve out some time later in the day to indeed watch those pranks or silly cat movies. For fun.


3. Limit your focus


Focus is not necessarily doing only one thing. But it is doing a limited amount of things and doing those extremely well. Your focus should be on those actions that you know to get you the best results, fastest. Based on your track record, gut feeling, or simply by choice. Everything else is noise. Filter it out and don’t waste time there. 

Get back focus

4. Align your actions to your goal


All that you do should be aligned with your goal. When you want to make an impact ask yourself what do I need to focus on that makes me stand out? When you’re looking to raise your income, ask yourself what gets me more clients? Say yes to all actions that take you closer to your goal. Say no to all else. 


5. Sleep enough


Have you ever felt great when you slept for 3 hours only? Yes, most likely when you were in love. Because then the love bug kept you buzzing. 


But other than that is sleep deprivation not only bad for your concentration, it’s also bad for the quality of work. We’ve all been there, so when you want to be fresh, focused, and concentrated make sure to get enough sleep.


6. Take a break


No one manages to be focused the entire day. Most people are able to focus for approximately a maximum of 45 to 90 minutes. Getting into the habit of working for 90 minutes and then taking a break is a great way of maintaining your focus during the day. My personal advice work in flow until it stops (you’ll know when this is, as you make typing mistakes, your computer crashes, etc.) and then take a break. Or take a break when you feel like it. I’m sure you deserved it!


7. Get your focus back on


I love to help you to get your focus back on track. If you’d like to know how you can set up your day, and allocate your time to focus more book a call with me to go over your situation and receive personal recommendations. Yes, I want more focus 


Yvonne Dam

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