We all want to be more confident, but how to get there? These 10 psychology hacks will help you get unstoppable confidence.

1. Work in progress

Step out of your comfort zone and change your relationships with failure. You shouldn’t be afraid of your failures nor ashamed to admit you’re wrong. Because that’s how you learn and become better – you need to fail first before improving. Accept you are a work in progress; that’s what builds your confidence.


2. The power of experience

You can only encounter extraordinary opportunities by exposing yourself to new experiences. Every confident person has a world of experiences. Before you experience something new, it is intimidating, but once you have done it, it becomes an experience. One that you become better at when you do it again. That’s how you build confidence. Chase as many experiences as you can. You don’t have to experience everything, but you need to have the courage to try something new; that’s how you build unstoppable confidence.


3. Embracing change

What are you tolerating in your life? Is there a situation you are afraid to let go of in your life? Insecurity lets you hold onto familiar things that make you unhappy. Instead, empower yourself to make your own decisions and challenge yourself to become the person you want to be. Think about what that person looks like, what kind of life they live, and the people they surround themselves with. Then, with that vision in mind, you start making small changes in your life, building your confidence as you go.

4. Practice goals

Confident people reach major goals and feel secure in taking risks. That’s not where they started, though. You build confidence by setting and reaching smaller goals. Each goal you reach builds up your confidence, especially when you keep rules 1,2, and 3 in mind. So now, what’s your big overarching goal? Cut it up into achievable miniature goals you can achieve, and go at it!

5. Follow your own advice

If you tell someone to believe in themselves, hear what you’re saying. There’s a reason you say this because it’s right and the best thing to do. Follow your own advice. The advice you give to others may be the advice you need. Next time you find yourself in a situation, ask yourself: “What advice would I give my best friend”? And then do it! Your confidence will grow as you start seeing your great insights and how they make a difference in your life.

How to get unstoppable confidence
6. Follow the hard road

Most people take the easy road when it comes to it. Confident people dare to walk the more challenging road. Next time you have a choice, ignore what’s comfortable and rise to the occasion. You’re building resilience, and you’ll discover that you’re capable of so much more. This builds your unstoppable confidence.

7. Brutal honesty

Are you 100% honest with yourself? It’s easy to blame others for your lack of […], but that makes you more insecure as you give your power away. If you want to grow your confidence, start by being completely honest with yourself and getting to know yourself. You then address your weaknesses and start improving. This builds unstoppable confidence, due to the improvement but also because you knów yourself and as such it doesn’t matter what others say or think – you know you!

8. Express yourself

Have you ever had a thought and, out of insecurity, held it in, only for someone else to say it? Have you ever not said something out of fear of looking a fool? Start expressing yourself, empower your voice, and share your opinion and perspective. Too often, you’re held back by ‘what-ifs’ only to discover that if you feel the fear and do it anyway, those what-ifs are complete nonsense. The more you practice expressing yourself, the more confident you become.

9. Talk to a stranger

Many unconfident people have a low tolerance for discomfort. Increase your confidence by seeking out uncomfortable situations, like talking to a stranger. It teaches you to face your fears and, in 99% of the instances, will turn out great. No matter how the conversation goes, you’ve boosted your confidence because you had the confidence to speak up and start a conversation.

10. Control self-doubt

We all have a built-in safety mechanism that will alert us when we’re in danger. According to this mechanism, you’re in danger a lot. It will try to not only protect you from cars when crossing the street but also from not getting burned down when pitching a new client. You’ll have a lot of reasons in your mind why this will not work – especially when you’re too close to the problem.

If your mind spirals out of control and self-doubt takes over, take a couple of deep breaths and take a step back. Look at the bigger picture. Relax! You’ve got this. And even if you don’t, you’ll still be ok; you’re gaining experience, that’s all. You’ve got unstoppable confidence, so take that step and do it.

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Yvonne Dam

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