Many business owners and CEOs know something has got to give to make their business more successful.

Heck, if they’re even honest, they know they need to undergo some changes to bring their business to that next level of success.

They know exactly where they want to go, yet they’re too busy to design a strategy. There are many clients to serve and only so few days.


The 90-day CEO plan

Newly appointed CEOs often start their new ‘reign’ with a 90-day plan. A strategy to make a difference, align goals and create impact.

What if you would do the same? You, as driven CEO, would design your 90-day plan to reach your next level of success.

Now, what would that look like? And rest assured, I’ve got you covered. I’m taking you through the highlights here – and if it sounds good – reach out, and we’ll draft your personal 90-day CEO plan too.

9 Steps Process for More Impact & Success in 90 days




Step 1: Clarify and intensify your vision and mission, and sharpen your long-term goals.

Treat this plan as if you were newly coming aboard. Speak with the stakeholders involved and then clarify your company’s vision and your aligned long-term goals.

These should be crystal clear to everyone employed by, working with, affiliated with, and being served by your company.

Start building trust relationships and communicate regularly to ensure all involved are In the clear and are working towards the same shared outcome.




Step 2: Zoom in on your finances.

Start by distilling your financial goals from your overarching goal.

Where do you see your company financially in 12 months? What does this require in terms of hourly input from your team and yourself, and sales? You draft a financial prognosis.
Then you look back and evaluate your financial situation up till now, including cash flow, debtors and late payments, and expenses. What needs to be optimized?

Given your history, where is improvement required to reach your financial prognosis?


Step 3: Evaluate your Marketing & Sales

Once you identified what numbers need to be made with your company this coming year, you’ve established the required sales numbers.

In order to establish where to focus on making these numbers a reality, start with an evaluation of the past period. How was the Return On Investment, looking at the time, investment, and money, on your marketing? Follow up with your sales evaluation.  What could have been gone better? Where are opportunities for optimization and maximization?


Step 4: Systemize and maximize your system use

Systems are very often not optimal used; they’re not used for what they’re intended for (entirely), or they’re not used to full capacity. And too often, some or once purchased never to be used at all.

On the other hand, automation and using systems can save time hence money, and effort. Therefore, an audit of your current systems, and their subscriptions, is needed to reduce money spent, time invested and effort made.


Step 5: Redefine the process flows and set up S.O.P.s

No better time than now to redefine your processes. All recurring procedures within your organization must have Standard Operation Procedures and Process Flows.

Here it is essential to include all team members involved and to get an external perspective as well. Outside eyes pick up on process flaws an insider can’t see “as we’ve always done it this way”.

Why you need a 90-day CEO plan



Step 6: Get the A-team in place

Taking your strengths & weaknesses as the starting point, your team, whether they’re employees or free-lancers, needs to compliment you. You need to have an A-team in place to reach your goals.

Start the evaluation process and use a formal personal assessment tool to help you understand your team members (employees or freelancers). This team will determine your success, ensure they are all geared towards the same goal, have the attitude you require, and subscribe to your mission, vision, and values.

Lay down the rules of how you work and what will be expected of them. Communicate well and make sure there are no hidden agendas.


Step 7: Identify any time leaks

Time is your most valuable asset. In this step, you’ll scrutinize your personal time management and calendar to see where you spend your time, how much Return On Investment you receive from it, and where you can eliminate time-wasters.

Did you know that any meeting you hold costs you at least $100?

That is if you set your ‘hourly rate’ at $100, which it’s not. Any hour you spend that doesn’t add value makes an impact or raises your income should be diverted. Either delegated, outsourced, or stopped altogether.


Step 8: Combine, Strategize, and prioritize

After your current set-up is assessed and you not only have a clear picture of your state of affairs but you’ve also Intensified your vision and long-term goal, It’s time to bring It all together.

Draft your strategy and map out your action plan; what are your key priorities, Identify KPIs and set up a game plan for you and your team. People flourish when given a clear target, with the freedom and responsibility to contribute. Leave room for growth both on a personal, company, and unexpected level. Luckily you can’t predict everything. Where’s the fun In that?


Step 9: Hire support and align your mindset


Since you’ve outlined your strategy – it’s time for you to step up to the plate. Be the leader your company needs, and you want to be. Align your mindset and become the shining example.

Hire support, not only the practical and methodological kind – but especially support for you. To broaden your horizon, you need to go the extra mile and expand your vision. Want to go fast? Go together.

Reach out if you’re ready for growth. Amaze Yourself coach helps you with the assessment and the strategy and supports you during the implementation.

Be the CEO of your life, work less, get more,


Yvonne Dam

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