What do you like least about your business? My coach asked me this question recently and I didn’t have to think long about it: technology.

When I was still working for an employer, I was always friends with the IT department. I know exactly where my strengths lie, and I am also well aware of my weaknesses.

Often it is not even the complexity of the technology, but more my lack of patience (keep hitting a button too fast, strangely enough, doesn’t help) nor not reading the manual (which doesn’t interest me enough).

And although I had everything in order, my website, my LinkedIn pages and my Facebook, I knew it was outdated. A little too often I got the question: er .. do you live in London? I have been living in the Netherlands for over a year now, so it was really time to dive into my technology. To start adjusting some crucial tasks.

Procrastination, I am also familiar with it

Which is evident if a year after your move, London is still the address on Facebook. But I also know how to stop procrastinating. Only in this case, all standard solutions did not work (frogs, counting to five, batching *). I really didn’t like it, and I especially didn’t feel like it. Outsourcing was definitely an option, but it was not just formatting, but text as well. So I had to do it myself.

Until I decided, this requires action. Action from my side. But it needed action within clear perimeters and a defined goal.

How to progress faster? - Be the CEO of your life - online life coach

This calls for a stairway to dreams

My goal: to have everything in order and to automate as much as possible, for a specific date and within a feasible time, to clearly display my signature coaching programme “Be the CEO of my life” everywhere, with the correct explanation.

I set my goal, defined my steps, visualised them over time, and shared this with my accountability coach. And .. I really type this with a very big smile. Step 1 has already been completed! Whoop whoop.

Now that I see my goal every day, and am reminded of it, I work on it.

Why? Because I want to achieve my goal. Fast. This is what drawing a stairway to your dreams does for you.


It feels so good to take a step every time

Work calmly on other things, such as coaching, and enjoy them, while keeping focus and progressing. Because whether you have to do something that you don’t like, or whether you are just busy with everything else: setting a goal and working towards it, helps with focusing.

Do you want that too?   

These are the steps for the correct set-up of your stairway to your dream:

1. Determine your goal (achievable and smart)

2. Determine what you have to do to achieve your goal (= steps)

3. Put these steps in a logical order

4. Determine how much time you need per step

5. Set these up in order and identify the time required

6. Stick these to the wall so that you always have a view of your goal

Want to keep your focus and make progress? Do more in less time?

Then book a Power Hour with me, only £ 99, and you can get started right away.

Amaze Yourself,

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P.S. Now that more organisations are allowed to open, everything can come at you. You get more to do, and it gets busier. It’s nice if you stay on top of your workload, and make sure you don’t take too much on your plate. Are you ready for more results in less time? Book a Power Hour.

P.S. II * If you’re not familiar with these anti-procrastination tools, contact me. They are brilliant. Eat your ugliest frog first, means start your workday immediately with your most daunting task. Count to 5, as soon as you think of something you need to do – count to 5 backwards and do it. And read more about batching here.


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