Last week in a network meeting I heard the phrase for the first time: the Corona Blues. A day when you just had enough, sitting at home, not being able to go outside, not being able to visit people and, and, and .. 

You may know it as an off-day. Only this off day is caused by the impending conditions that the Corona Virus entails. The funny thing was, in that network meeting it was no question whether you were bothered by those blues. But a given.

Everyone is bothered 

You are not alone. Today in the Netherlands is Liberation Day, to celebrate the end of World War II. The day of freedom, which somehow emphasises our current lack of freedom. However, if you think back to what people went through then, we are having a breeze right now.

Nevertheless, it can be difficult.

Because being free, really free in all senses of the word, we aren’t.

What you can do?  

Look, it is not my intention to talk you down, but more to acknowledge what is happening. What I do when dealing with the blues depends on my day. One day the blues can hit me hard, meaning the only thing I want to do, is sitting with a blanket on the couch, with chocolate, reading or watching a feel-good movie on Netflix.

But what helps me personally more often is to work on my company, to start and finish something. So I feel accomplished. As it is a great feeling, to have done something tangible. So everything may feel completely off, but I have still have managed to improve my LinkedIn profile. That feels good. Which makes me feel better instantly and afterwards I am sitting on the couch with way more satisfaction.

Do you feel free or do you feel the blues? - business coaching - be the ceo of your life

Taking focused action and getting results 

I’m not the only one either. In the past period, many customers have come to me who needed that kick-start too. Who wanted to make a new plan, to regain that focus. To set up a different strategy, that inspires and feels good.  And you know what? Doing that helps. You’re making progress even though you’re “not going anywhere soon”.

Go in with 1 session, to obtain a different point of view, to get yourself some results. Short and sweet. It is a  good remedy for the Corona blues. But more importantly, a kick start to move forward. Decide where it is you want to go and get back on.


Get a kick start with a Power Hour 

That is why today I proudly introduce my Power Hour: 1-hour online coaching to work on a specific problem. To ensure that you move forward quickly. Working on your business in a new and better way.

Go for that productivity boost now that it “calms down”, work on your visibility, write out your plan so that you now know how to achieve that turnover. Or change your mindset, making sales easier. Everything is possible.

Get it now for only € 99, – ex VAT (£99,- or $ 125). 

As you know, I basically only work with someone for a longer period of time. So this is also a once-off, you can use this 1x.

If you’ve also wondered what it’s like to work with me, then I recommend this Power Hour. Gives you a good impression;)

You can book the appointment directly on my calendar. You will receive a recording of the session, so you can listen everything back as well. Interested? Book now.


Any questions? I love to hear them. For now, I wish you a very nice day. Celebrate your freedom.


Amaze Yourself,


P.S. Can you use a power hour? An hour that makes it possible for you to achieve a lot? I started my power hours: 1 hour of coaching which gives results. Helps create a new strategy for your business. Helps you become more productive and achieve your goals. Ready to move on? Book your power hour here, now only € 99, – ex VAT. Online and with recording.



Performance Coaching _ Online Life Coach _Succes and Focus _ Be the CEO of YOUR Life - Yvonne DamYvonne Dam is a life coach who helps ambitious and successful people to create time. Looking at how you can personally make a bigger impact, without working longer. people to create time. Looking at how you can personally make a bigger impact, without working longer. Resulting in better results, more free time, and overall more fun in life. Freedom- by living your life on your own terms. Yvonne is passionate about coaching and sharing her expertise with you so you can be liberated to fully embrace life. Ready to have more time and enjoy life? >> Get More time Done in Less Time – download now<<

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