This was a big thing for me. It held me back. Well, almost that is. Because there are so many coaches already, so why the heck would I be another one? 



Even though there are already so many coaches out there, I believe I have something extra, something special. Something you can’t find anywhere else but with me.


Have you ever doubted yourself?


In the sense that you thought your service offering was not unique enough?


Well, if that’s what you thought, you may have been right. Your services may not be new. Unless you offer a high tea underwater or something equally innovative, likely, your business is not unique.


But YOU are! 


You are unique, and that makes your business unique too. So when you play it right, you use this to your advantage and let your business stand out.


Find and broadcast your unique angle and USP.


This is truly where it all starts. What makes YOU unique. What is your USP [Unique Selling Point]? Do you use a special technique or serve your clients in a specific way, or are you perhaps getting your clients mind-blowing results?


You have something no one else has.

You do something no one else does. Highlight that! Because that is what sets you apart, as no one can be you.


Be you everyone else is already taken ~ Oscar Wilde.


This realization made me start my coaching business, even though there are many other coaches out there. It’s like restaurants; there are so many out there, yet I still go and try new ones; because they are all different and unique.


Be visible [as you]



Now you know what makes your business unique, it’s essential to showcase this. Be visible.


Be quirky and weird. when you are

Be introverted and tranquil. when you are

Be all over the place and chaotic. when you are

Be outgoing and loud. when you are


Be visible. As you are. 

Don’t believe you need to do or copy anyone else. Your clients don’t want anyone else. They want you – the real you. So in your client engagements, your website, your social media presence, whatever you do – do you.


Do business differently


When there are already many competitors, some that are very successful, we often think we need to do it as they do. They made it work, right?


Well, they did, in their own unique way. So, for you, it’s important to find and flaunt your own unique way. That sets you apart.


Dare to be different, and you’ll attract your ideal clients.


Those who get you. Those who are like you. Those who want what you offer. In your way. Don’t be like your competitor. You’re not them. You’ve got something they don’t. use that.


Focus on a narrow niche and adopt an abundance mindset


Do you know what I found very hard? Is to be outspoken about who I want to work with. Because for a long time, I wanted to work with everyone. Hell, my first website was “for everyone with a coaching question”. And my services were “all coaching topics”.


It didn’t work.


Even after I niched, it didn’t work that well. I attracted clients I didn’t like (yes, you can say that). That is when I took my ideal client out for a glass of wine. Well, in my head, I did. I decided that my client would be the person I’d love to meet at the beach and have a glass of wine with.


Do you know what became easier when I niched further down?


Attracting my clients. Because I could discuss their specific situation and their desires and pains – to which I have the solution.


So let go of the scarcity mindset that tells you there are not enough clients when you niche down as the truth is there are more than enough for you!


Be the CEO of your life


The last thing that works in your favor is being the CEO of your life. Not just the CEO of your business. Living an amazing life, feeling good about yourself, and having fun! That’s magnetic like no other.



PS Looking to stand out and want to know where to go next? Book a call with me . I’m known for pinpointing your unique traits and changing your perspective instantly.


PPS When you are ready to be the CEO of your life, I applaud you! It’s so much fun.


Yvonne Dam

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