Phoenix Rising – The Gift

It’s not every day you read a story that brings you to tears. But, even when you know a large part of the story already, even when you know it ends well, it can still happen.

Because the story, the book, is gripping. It touches your soul.

That’s what just happened to me, I read Beatrice’s story, the Gift, and it brought me to tears.

While reading it, I felt the pain, the despair, but I also saw the magic happen and the hope resurface. I felt how she fully embraced her gift.

Knowing Beatrice well, as we have been connected for a long time and worked together, I am so happy to see her thrive and embrace the beauty of her gift.

If you’d like to read her story and that of many other amazing women, I highly recommend you purchase this book, Phoenix Rising.

Today September 24th, 2021, is the release date, and I am telling you this is a bestseller in the making.

The link to receive your copy is here: and only today it’s available for EUR 0,89 or $0.99

Be the CEO of your life, accept and use your gifts as we are waiting for them,


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Episode 63/365

Yvonne Dam

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