It’s December, the final month of the year. So much to do and so little time, how can you do it all?


When you think about it, the overwhelm kicks in; you need to reach out to your clients, you need to do the actual work, buy some gifts, and, oh yeah, plan ahead. But your partner’s nagging you that you should work a bit less – and you promised to take more time off. So how can you make it work?


1. Plan ahead


Yes, you already know when you’ll not be there. When you’re not working due to the actual holidays. And perhaps you need some extra time off too – to shop, attend holiday parties and see assemblies.


Block those days in your calendar and inform your clients beforehand. Switch on your out-of-office well on time, and make sure someone (not necessarily you) can be reached in case of an emergency.


By doing this, you also tell yourself that you’re truly unavailable on certain days, and it will showcase clearly how little time you have. This may put you in a frenzy, but not to worry – you can easily fix it.


2. Prioritize


You want to do it all, and you will. But does it all have to be in December? You know better than that. Look at all the things on your list, and prioritize. All that you do not necessarily have to do this month, you’re pushing out.


Matters that are a priority but that You can’t attend to – you delegate to someone else. The earlier you start with the delegation, the easier it gets.


And when you find it hard to push things forward, remember – it’s the holiday season for everyone, so also, your clients are busy. You might be surprised by how forgiving they are when certain deadlines aren’t met.

How to stop the holiday overwhelm in your business and life


3. Automate


You find it important to stay visible, too, to ensure you still show up on social media. That in itself is a time-consuming matter.


However, it’s one you can tackle easily as well:


  • Schedule your posts in advance
  • Repurpose your content
  • Limit the time you’re on social media to react to posts


And yes, you can do this even when it’s not the holiday season, and you want to save time 😉.


4.  Take it one step at a time


Overwhelm starts kicking in when you’re thinking about ALL the things you need to do.


When you look at the now, and you focus only on what you’re working on right now – the uneasiness subsides.


Yes, there may be more to do, but hey, so far, you’ve always managed. You’ll manage again this year. Simply take it one step at a time.


Don’t drive yourself crazy; it doesn’t have to be perfect. People love imperfect actions – as that makes you more relatable.


Cut yourself some slack, and don’t forget you’re amazing!


Be the CEO of your life, work less, get more,





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Yvonne Dam

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