How You Can Make a Big Impact Today.

When you’re looking to make an impact, don’t look further but watch this episode of the Be the CEO of your Life Live Show.

In this show I interview William Plange, an entrepreneur whose business is going very well.

He started out humble, very humble, living in a forest in Ghana.

Today, he owns a business and his products make many people happy. His business also is about to expand, so he can employee people. This is a gift as employment is scarce in Accra and with the expansion, many families will be helped.

In this session we talk about how to make an impact, as William is doing that. But you can also make a difference, today.

William is delivering excellent client service and an amazing product. On top of that he has passion and the strength and endurance to see this through.

He’s making an impact. Are you ready to make an impact too?

Join us live on Wednesday 22 September at 12:00 Eastern Time (New York)/ 18:00 Central European Time (the Hague) / 16:00 Greenwich Mean Time (Accra)

See how you can contribute and make an impact!

Be the CEO of your life, make an impact,


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Yvonne Dam

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