When a team member is failing.. do this

Finally expanded your team, so you can expand your business further and now they’re not doing what they should do.

So what is happening?

How do you solve it?

Fire and re-hire? Thinking it was all a mistake and you can do it all on your own (again)?

Here’s what’s happening – you’re lacking!

Yes, you!

We often forget to clearly communicate what we expect, and how we want the processes to go. That’s why the team member is not performing.

The more time you invest, the better it gets.

Don’t have time to onboard your new team member? Then you clearly started too late with the recruitment and you don’t have to- but it will cost you more not to onboard them well.

So when a team member is failing.. invest time!

What’s your take on this?

Be the CEO of your life, grow your team the right way,


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Episode 53/365 of the Be the CEO of your life – liveshow.

Yvonne Dam

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