I felt gutted. How could I have been so wrong? One moment I knew this was going to be the answer to my problems and the next I knew: it was not. Far from it.

I had made a bad decision.

It had taken me weeks to figure out what I wanted, and I tried to get there on my own. I knew exactly which steps to take and what I wanted to do.

I felt gutted

Yet I did not do it. Not on my own. I tried for two whole weeks, which is a lot when you want something badly. Then I decided: I need help.  So I looked everywhere, I asked around and spoke to many people and then I knew: this was it.


This would be my solution

But it was not. Boy did I feel bad. Yet, I did not want to dwell on it. I made a bad decision, I found out, stopped it and now I wanted to move on.

Do you know how it feels like when you want something to disappear from your mind? To stop thinking about it? To not dwell on it. Has it happened to you too? It is not easy is it?

This is what I came across, a fresh perspective. One of my clients shared this story with me. It is not mine, it is from Malva Tahan. I love this story as it is so true. It tells me about personal leadership, how your mental state and the decisions you take, influence how you perceive a situation.

Personal leadership

I started applying personal leadership. Better said I stepped into my version 10.0. Ever done that? I will show you how. Next week I will tell you all about taking your personal leadership role. Even when you don’t feel like it. Especially, when you don’t feel like it.

Cannot wait? Book a call with me now and I will tell you how you can apply this to every situation you are in. Right here and now, you can change it around for the better.


Help in moments of desparation

This is the story that helped me tremendously. To leave behind a situation I did not want to be in and move forward. Tell me what you think of it.

Once upon a time, there was a king who told the court sages:

“I’m making a precious ring. I bought one of the most beautiful diamonds in the world. I want to hide in the ring a message that can serve in moments of desperation and it will be for my heirs forever. It must be a short sentence, which can come under the diamond of the ring”.

All those who listened were wises and sages, they could write treaties, but a message with no more than two or three words that could have helped in difficult moments …

They could not find any words

The king had been raised by an old servant. The king’s mother had died early, and this servant had taken care of him and was therefore treated as if he were one of the family. The king felt immense respect for the old man, so he also consulted him.

And the old man said:

“I am not wise, neither scholar, nor academic, but I know a message. During my life in the palace, I met all kinds of people and, on one occasion, I met a mystic. He was invited by your father and I was at his service. To thank me he gave me this message”.

The old man wrote something on a piece of paper, folded it and handed it to the king. He said:

“But don’t read it. Keep it hidden in the ring and open it only when there is no other way out.”

This didn’t take a long time to come. His reign was invaded and the king lost the battle. He was running away on his horse and his enemies were following him. He was alone and there were many enemies. He arrived in a place where the road ended completely without exit.


There was no way out

Before him a precipice with a deep valley, falling would have been his end.  He could not go back because the enemies had blocked the path. He could already hear the sound of their horses. There was no way out.
Thinking, he remembered the ring. He opened it, took out the piece of paper and read the short but precious message, which simply was:

“This too will pass.”

As he read the message, he felt that a great silence was falling around him. The enemies that were pursuing him had perhaps been lost in the forest or had gone the wrong way. The horses were certainly not heard anymore.


Those words were miraculous

The king was deeply grateful to the servant and the unknown mystic. Those words were miraculous. He folded the piece of paper and put it back under the diamond ring. He gathered his army and regained the kingdom. <p>Yvonne Damin Amaze Yourself -sivuston tavoin, joka auttaa ammattilaisia parantamaan liiketoimintaansa, uraansa ja henkilökohtaista elämäänsä, haluamme tarjota mahdollisuuden löytää uusia tapoja viihtyä ja kehittyä. Ammattilaisten, jotka pyrkivät tasapainottamaan työ- ja henkilökohtaista elämäänsä, on tärkeä tietää, että on olemassa myös paikkoja, joissa he voivat rentoutua ja nauttia uusista kokemuksista. Tässä yhteydessä olemme ylpeitä voidessamme esitellä paras uusi nettikasino -listauksen HolyMolyCasinosilla.</p>

The day he returned to the palace victorious, he had a great party with songs and dances, and he felt very well.

The old servant stood beside him in the carriage and said to him:

“Even this moment is appropriate, look at the message again.” “Why? Now I’m victorious, people celebrate my return, I’m not desperate, I’m not in a situation with no way out.” said the king.

When you are defeated and victorious

And the old servant said:

“Listen to me, this message is useful not only when you are defeated, but also when you are victorious. Not only when you are the last, but also when you are the first”.

The king opened the ring and read the message:

“This too will pass”.

Again he felt the same thing, a silence that surrounded him despite being in the crowd that celebrated and danced. His pride and ego were gone. The king understood the message. He was enlightened.

Then the old man said:

“Do you remember everything that has happened to you? Not a single thing or emotion is permanent. As there are day and night, so there are moments of happiness and moments of sadness. Accept them as a natural part of things, because they are part of life.”

What do you think?

Are those words appropriate to you too?

Are you ready to start applying your personal leadership? Book a call with me now [click here] and I will tell you how you can apply this to every situation you are in. Right here and now, you can change it around for the better.


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