It is not just one webinar. It’s never just one social media post or one email. It always is more.

One of the things that we tend to forget is that it never is ‘just one’ thing. It always is [or should be] more than at least one thing, and that one thing can turn into multiple items and a bloody nightmare too.


What am I talking about? Cookies!


Well, it can be cookies; I never managed only to eat one. Once I start, they’re all gone. And I was referring to business actions. When you’re busy, you need to make sure you focus on the right things and only those things. Do NOT start too many things at once. It doesn’t work.


One of my clients said he was overwhelmed by the work he had to do around hosting a webinar. He thought great; it is simply showing up, talking about what I love, and then invite people to buy from me.


But it is not, is it? Do it well  


If you want to do it properly and you want to get business out of the webinar, this is what you do:


–      email campaign upfront, e.g., writing multiple emails to invite people to join

–      social media posts announcing the webinar with an invite to join, and if you want to an advertisement of these

–      landing page on the website with registration link (or just a link if you’re into quick and easy)

–      writing the webinar and practicing it

–      testing the technique and doing at least two dry runs

–      place the recorded video on your webpage with an offer

–      email campaign afterwards with the offer, e.g., writing multiple emails to invite people to buy


Naturally, you decide what you want to do around a webinar, as you can expand this list and make it much shorter.

be the ceo of your life - business coaching - it never is one thing is it?!


There is no such thing as one thing

The truth of the matter is, there is never just “one thing” in business. Even when something starts as one thing, it quickly escalates into multiple items when done well.


That is why I look at the initiatives of my clients when they come to me to reduce their working hours and raise their profit because even the smallest initiative can explode into something big, with astonishing results for their company.


And that is what you want, for sure. But not all the same time. Make sure to choose your initiatives and actions wisely. Only spend time on those you like and that you would love to bring in more business when done well.


Want help in determining what’s giving you the best results in the least amount of time? Reach out or book a complimentary 30-minute focus session straight away.


Amaze Yourself,





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