Do you ever feel like you are going to be exposed at any moment? For not being good enough?

You have a fair amount of clients. People say you are successful, and you have achieved a lot, but still.


You are always afraid that things will go wrong. 

Worried that people will call you out for not being good at what you do.

Even when you allow yourself to see your progress, you still think you got here as a matter of luck.

Or attribute it to you have worked day and night.


If so, chances are you are suffering from imposter syndrome. 

Research shows that at least 70% of people deal with imposter syndrome at a certain point in time.

The higher educated and the more intelligent, the greater the chance that this is you.

It can lead to burnout, stress and does fuel fears.

So let’s stop this, shall we?!


What exactly is imposter syndrome? And how do you deal with it? 

First of all, it is good to become aware of it.

If you feel bad about your work done, or you reduce it as being simple (all the time), then ask yourself:

Is this objectively correct, or am I putting myself down?  


Good indicators that you are suffering from the imposter syndrome are:

  1. You compare yourself to others, where they always come off better than you
  2. You attribute your success to luck or special circumstances
  3. The achieved result depends on everything and everyone but can’t be attributed to you
  4. Or when you see that the results are good, you then attribute this to the hard work.

Two ways to nip it at the tail   

There are, in fact, two “ways” in which you can recognize the imposter syndrome is raising its ugly head.

Postponing work or wanting to be perfect are two significant indicators.


Do you postpone your work?

With each new assignment, you freeze.

You tell yourself you are not good enough, and you postpone work.

Then once there is limited time left, you’ll work hard to get it done and make up for the lost time.

That works, making you happy for a moment and fully attributing any success to this last-minute hard work.

Making you believe that only through backbreaking work, you’ll be successful.

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Another sign is with each new assignment, you start right away, with no time to waste.

You prepare very well.

You do everything you can to succeed.

And with that, you go much, much further than is necessary.


Because it must be great, you alone are not good enough, every detail and everything has to be perfect.

Once the work is done, you also have trouble recognizing your share in the achieved result.


Because it never is good enough in your eyes.

Recognize any of this?


Working on letting go  

Now that the awareness has arrived, the next step comes. Letting go.

Here’s how to let go of that crippling fear of not being good enough:

Recognize that it is at play. That you are downplaying your result, your commitment. That you are suffering from imposter syndrome.

I think it’s a good aid to recognize this to understand how you respond to a genuine compliment about your work.


Someone tells you: “Good job.”

What is your reaction?

Anything other than thank you could be an indication of imposter syndrome (!). Read that again.

Especially when you make your contribution insignificant.

Oh, it was because of the team.

Yes, well, it wasn’t that much.


These are all indications that you do not recognize yourself and your strengths as such.


Help in letting go

Intrigued? Looking for more ways to let go of the imposter syndrome? Stay tuned! I will send you the other steps in my next newsletter.

Do you feel someone would benefit from this text? Do share it with them, as I know so many people can use this.

Rather deal with this show stopper immediately? Reach out to me. I can help! You can’t get to that next level of success with ease when you suffer from imposter syndrome. So don’t wait but get into action and let’s talk.




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