Many of my clients reach out to me on how to live, work or simply survive this chaos. In this period everything seems to be different. There is one thing I know for sure, it doesn’t work the way it used to. Not for me,  and most likely, not for you.

Yesterday, I started to write a blog for the Dutch national newspaper about how one becomes more productive whilst working from home. But instead of writing about increasing productivity, I wrote about the reality. And how it truly works in my household at the moment.

It’s chaotic, and it’s nice, sometimes it’s a bit complicated, and almost always it asks for flexibility.  Despite all that, I am still enjoying my work. Yes, I am still working and able to work as an online coach.

We all face similar experiences

My clients have called me with a variety of comparable questions. Questions, that may also go through your mind. That is why I am sharing these with you here. Do you have a personal question, and are you looking to take back control? Set up an appointment with me to discuss your situation. Step into your leadership’s role and be the CEO of your life.

Today I will discuss the following three subjects:

  1. How do I stop working 24 /7?
  2. What do I do as an entrepreneur?
  3. How do I manage to get anything done?


1. How do I stop working 24 /7?

“It is now worse than ever. My employer asks me almost on a daily basis to take calls at 7 pm, 9 pm and so on. On top of this people keep setting up meetings for me, in my calendar. During the day, I do not have any time to do my actual work, besides attending meetings.” This is what my client told me during our conversation.

I advised her the following:

Make sure to block out time periods in your calendar.

This will allow you to prepare yourself for meetings, or do the actual work.  Whether you need that time or not, it ensures that you have other time available for work other than meetings during your workday. These blocks can’t be overruled by meetings.

Determine what time your working day ends.

This is for you, to ensure that you do more in less time; when you set yourself an end time you’ll do your best to finish in this time frame. And it is also an indication to be shared with your clients, boss and colleagues. After the said time you are doing something else other than work.

Plan relaxation.

Whether you are going outside during your lunch break, or do a video game at the end of the day on your couch, all that matters is that you relax!

Is this not working for you? And do you not want to lose yourself in the vast amount of work? Set up an appointment today and I will help you to get more done in less time, allowing you to become way more relaxed, whilst delivering a peak performance.


online life coach- be the ceo of your life - learning to live with the chaos

2. What do I do as an entrepreneur?

“If I had known that it was this easy, I would’ve done it way earlier”. This is what a client told me after we discussed her funnel. Or in other words, a way to help her clients through emails and an online training.

No longer serving her clients face-to-face, like she was used to, but online.

Do you also wonder whether you should continue your business right now?

And whether you can sell anything in these times of change? The answer is yes if you want to. For multiple reasons. First of all, it is important to keep the economy going. When you make money, you can invest this again in other people. This will help to avoid a crisis.

So no do not offer your services for free. Because by doing so you will also indicate that your services are not valuable.

And if you are now offering your services for free, how will you then ask money for it again after this virus situation has calmed down?

Who needs my services now?

Many people need you right now, especially now. It is important to ask yourself in what way can I help my clients now? What do they need? Because that is most likely changed. But they are still needing your help.

My business is only offline

“After our conversation, I succeeded to start with five paying customers. I opened a Facebook group and the feedback has been great”. A client who already had no income for over one month, sent me this WhatsApp message one day after our conversation.

There can be more opportunities than you know or may think off. Would you like me to strategise with you? And share some opportunities that are available to you? Set up an appointment with me.


3. How do I manage to get anything done?

Are you, like me, at home with the entire family? And does it drive you insane? Then you are not the only one.

“Thank you, now I know what I can do to let everything run more smoothly at home: communicate my boundaries, overall communicate more clearly, and take more time for myself”. A client called me, hoping that I could help her to avoid a catastrophe at home. And not have fight after fight. We succeeded.

This is what you can do best:

Go with the flow.

Abandon all rigid time schedules and be more flexible in every way possible.

Think about yourself.

Yes, your children are going through difficult times, and so does your partner, but that doesn’t mean that you have to put them first the entire time.


As soon as you are thinking, I would like to work on that this afternoon, you need to start communicating this to your family. Do this, before something else happens that takes up this designated time, and you get so frustrated, that you may explode.


Take back control

Are you ready to step into your role as the CEO of your life? I am happy to help you navigate these times. Set up an appointment with me to map out your strategy.

Amaze Yourself


P.S. If you want to be the CEO of your life straight away.. schedule a call with me right now

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