You’ve been working a lot lately, trying to cope with that never-ending to-do-list. Meanwhile, at home your struggling to make sure everything is going as smoothly as possible, which is not always easy. That is for sure. It is adding all up, is not it?

And I get it, you’ve been wondering if this is ever going to stop? Will you ever be on top of all that needs doing. At home and in the office? Especially, in the office. At least at home, you do not have to do it all alone. Or so it seems 😉

But, what if I would tell you there are other ways? That it is possible to be more in control. Not only at home, but especially in the office. In a way that you actually get the job done and have an evening without work for once.


How does that sound to you?

Now, perhaps you start thinking about work. Daydreaming about changing it, working less, way less. As deep down you know the number of hours you are dedicating to your work; it is unsustainable.


Yet, immediately your biggest fear whispers in your ear: “Working less means less income”. That means less convenience, less fun and a lot less going out.


So working less is not an option for you, is it?

But trust me, I hear you and I understand you. I have been there, and I also thought working hard was the only way. So I sacrificed a lot and missed out on many important things, like family time and time just for me.


Until I decided enough was enough. I took things in my own hand, I took back control. And I changed things for the better.

–     Did I lose income? Surprisingly not at all. I made more.

–     Did I lose control of my business? On the contrary, I gained more control and was on top of it all.

–     Did I gain time? Yes, I did. It was scary at first, as this was so new to me. But great when it lasted, and I am still enjoying this.

What would it mean for you?

What would it mean for you, if you could work fewer hours, keep your income and have more time to be at home or simply enjoy life? Share it with me, by replying underneath this blog. Or send me an email <<here>> 


If you want to know, how you can make it work for you? The answer is: become the CEO of your life. Not just your business, but your life. Want to start with these changes today? Send me an email so we can see how we can set this up for you.

Amaze Yourself,



Yvonne Dam is an online life coach who helps ambitious and successful Online-life-coach-Online-life-coaching-Life-coaching-online1people to enjoy life. She helps them to focus on what matters in their lives and careers, in order to make more money and achieve more freedom! After feeling trapped in the corporate world, Yvonne decided to do more of what she loved and found the more she chose to do what she wanted, the happier she became. Yvonne is passionate about coaching and sharing her expertise with you so you can be liberated to fully embrace life. Ready to have more time and have some fun? >> download 50 tips to get a work-life balance<<


Yvonne Dam

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