If you are a bit like me, you simply love life. I am not saying you are necessarily loving your current life


Make yourself a priority

There might be room for growth. But knowing you are in control of your life, and the direction you are heading in is great is not it? You are the CEO of your life.


Getting to know yourself

Last time I spoke about how getting to know yourself better helps you to build a platform for personal growth. I offered some questions to ask yourself. You read all about it here.

To get to know yourself starts with asking questions. It is a great way to explore and investigate what you truly want in life and where you are currently at.


3 sources of information

To get to know yourself better, you have three sources of information:

  • YOU
  • your friends, family and colleagues
  • formal tools of assessment


Your board of directors

If you see yourself as the CEO of your life, you might see your friends, family and colleagues as your board of directors. They are either here to cheer you on or to guide you into a different direction.

Your board of directors is also a good source to ask in-depth questions that can help you to get an even more clear picture of where you are at momentarily.


Average of 5 people you are with

You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Motivational speaker Jim Rohn stated this. It means that the 5 people you spend the most time with, influence you the most. They will change how you feel about yourself, how you see yourself and whether or not you are capable of reaching the goals you have set for yourself.


You are influenced by your surroundings

The principle is simple and if you take a moment to think about it and it’s very true.

If I look at my clients, it is also the number one reason why people deviate from the path they had envisioned for themselves.

It is the reason why people get frustrated: they wanted this thing more than anything (a successful business, a promotion, a more balanced lifestyle) yet their surroundings were so demanding that they settled for less.


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All is well for everyone – except you

They made sure that their surroundings where ok, looked after. And in the process, they lost their mojo, the urgency to go after their dreams. Sometimes it happens on purpose: my kid needs me now, my husband got a new job, we are moving – so I will work on my goals later (or never).

It doesn’t make it less frustrating. And it is not necessary either. You can have it all. Still attend to your surroundings yet continue to work on your goals.


Go after what YOU want

If you feel it is YOUR time now, to take control over your life and to start working towards your goals. I applaud you. This is the starting point. I also know how easy it is to get sidetracked. To not make yourself a priority as your family needs you. Keep working crazy hours as you feel that is the only way you can run your business. Listen to your boss/wife/client more than you do to yourself.

But you do not have to. You can be a great person who cares about other’s needs and still work on your own. You can be amazing at your job, and still go home early and have dinner on time. You can work out and still have a fulfilling career. Want to know how? How you can have it all? I invite you to joing my FREE challenge: “How to have it all”. It starts Monday 8 April and lasts 1 week only.


Fun, inspirational and FREE

It is a fun, interactive way to get back on track and to give your goals and dreams a boost. After participation you’ll know what it is you want, what is holding you back and more importantly how to move forward in a way that suits you. You can have it all, I would love to show you how. <<Join now, it is completely free>>

No complicated and lengthy assignments, just a quick live video each day to inspire you to take action and to go after what you really want. Do not let life hold you back. It is your life, make sure it counts <<Yes register me now>>


P.S.: Some would say fulfill your destiny.

I always struggle a bit with the word destiny, it seems so “big and over compassing it all”. It makes me feel trapped in a way, and freedom is what I love more than anything else. That is why, for me it is more about following my heart’s desire. Doing what I love to do and simply feel joy. Adding value to people’s lives and making a difference. If that is you, whether you call it your destiny, your dream or your goal -> than join now.  Let’s have some fun.



Online-life-coach-Online-life-coaching-Life-coaching-online1Yvonne Dam is an online life coach and career coach who helps busy, ambitious people to enjoy life. She helps them to focus on what matters in their lives and careers, in order to make more money and achieve more freedom! After feeling trapped in the corporate world, Yvonne decided to do more of what she loved and found the more she chose to do what she wanted, the happier she became. Yvonne is passionate about coaching and sharing her expertise with you so you can be liberated to fully embrace life. Ready to pause your busy life for a moment and download some happy vibes? Get my FREE eBook and feel happy! 



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