I said YES, after saying NO many, many times. After thinking it through thoroughly, I said YES to a book deal. Are you eager to say YES all the time? Don’t! You’re wasting time.

Whoohoo, getting offered to write a book doesn’t happen every day, and me saying YES neither. I’ve taken some time to think this through. The reason is that I simply said yes too often in the past.

Asking these 7 questions pays off

Now, when making important decisions for my business, these are the questions I first ask:

1. Do I love it? 

In the sense of it is exciting and lights me up? Not simply like it, no love it full-heartedly.

2. Does it come easy to me, or when not, can I make it easy for me? 

When it takes a lot of effort, then it becomes a whole lot less attractive. Because it takes more time for sure, the one thing I am protective of.

3. Does it help me achieve my business goal? 

If not, not now or not immediately, it is a no. Too often in the past, I said yes that could help me ‘establish my brand’, give me exposure, or something along those lines. Nothing wrong with that, except that was not my goal.

4. Will it make me money? 

Or, if not money, will it help me make an impact and bring value? When you have limited time and you want to grow your business, focus on what brings those desired results now. Whether it is money, which is still the case for most entrepreneurs, or impact or value. Make a deliberate decision, don’t jump on every opportunity.

5. Does it serve my audience? 

Do your clients benefit from your effort? Or is it an indirect effect? You always want to go for benefits your customers directly.

6. Does the time invested pay off? 

So here’s why I had to think about my book offer. As it takes time, a lot of time, to write a book. Do I see that reflected back? Sometimes saying no to a lengthy procedure with an extended pay-off is best, especially when you can say yes to a low-time-investment with quick results.

7. Taking all the above into account- do I WANT to do it?

Realize that there are so many opportunities out there. If not this one, then something better. Jumping on the bandwagon too soon may backfire. So look into your heart, does this feel good to you? Most of the time, your initial ‘gut’ reaction is a telltale.


Saying NO means GROW

Having an extensive interest and lust for life and adventure, I tended to say YES to every opportunity that presented itself. Always seeing chances to grow and make money (eventually). Resulting in scattered time, unfocus, and me growing other people’s businesses instead of my own.

Until I decided I had enough

It was time to focus on me and my dreams only. Bringing my company, Amaze Yourself, to the next level. Now, I tend to say NO to most offers [and I get loads] and allow my inspiration to convert to ideas and bring in money. It works wonders – and is more fulfilling. It’s like Warren Buffet says I say no 95% of the time and only 5% that is truly worthy of my time; that is where I say yes to.

When you feel you want to jump, do it

Yet, every now and again, an opportunity arises that you need to take, which I did today! A chance in the 5% zone. Let me know, where did you say yes to lately?

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Be the CEO of your life,


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