Use this Powerful Time Management Tool and see where you could save time. Stephen Covey’s book the seven habits of highly effective people is an excellent resource for anyone looking to become more effective in their life and business.
One of the tools Stephen Covey talks about is his Time Management Square, which displays 4 quadrants. According to Covey, the majority of your activities should be in the quadrant ‘important, not urgent’. When your actions are there, you’re working on what matters most ánd you’re in control of the timing.


Are you in control?

When you look at your to-do list, it is worthwhile to plot your to-do’s in these quadrants to see where the majority of your activities are currently situated.

Are you as much in control as you want to be? Or is the majority of your tasks still plotted in the urgent and important section?

Perhaps plotting your activities shows that you need to delegate more. Trust me; it’s worthwhile to see for yourself.

Be the ceo of your life - time management tool that provides control


When I saw this tool for the first time, ALL my actions were in ‘most important, and most urgent’, and I remember even getting angry for the suggestion as to how I would move my priorities and stay out of that quadrant.

I didn’t understand. I was too busy, and there was so much to do.

Now I am 15 years further, I have broken with my work addiction, and none of my actions are urgent and important anymore.

Set up a system that provides control

My system is to avoid these and have the majority of my activities that are important and non-urgent. Those are the tasks worth my time, helping my goal, and fun to work at!

Does the current setup of your business allow you to be in control and on top of your tasks too?

See for yourself

Plot yourself quickly and see where the majority of your tasks are.

If you’re in the left top corner too, and you want to master your time better (and make some money while you’re at it), don’t take 15 years! See me; I help you achieve this within weeks of working with me.

What do you think? Does this tool help?

Be the CEO of your life,




P.S. Anyone else ate too much chocolate over the weekend? Or is it only me?

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