What no one ever tells you, but what is so true for life and your business. It’s not just easy. Sometimes it simply s*cks!

Being an entrepreneur comes with ups and DOWNS.

Do you agree?

Sometimes when scrolling through social media, all you see is people rocking it—making loads of money, attracting all the clients, and having the most amazing life.

What’s less shown is the sleepless nights, the frustration, the so-needed pick-me-ups by family and friends, the self-doubt and down talk that also is real.

When you’re going through this, right now, whether it is in business or life, I hear you.

This helps

Let me share a couple of things I find helpful and that I always recommend to my clients:

– Take a time out. Most likely, you’re exhausted, and then it all seems grimmer than it is

– Read through your earlier recommendations, and remember how happy your clients were and are with you

– Keep a folder in your inbox and store any message from clients (and others), saying thank you, stating how amazing you are, or in general, that makes you feel good. Now is the time to read these

What to do when life and business suck? Here's how to deal with it - be the CEO of your life

– Instead of focusing on what’s not there (yet), list all the things that are there and are going well

– Do something fun, not work-related, to feel better and get a different perspective. Whether it is Netflix, a walk outside, or having a nice cup of tea, do something else. Relax.

When it’s more than just a bump in the road and no pick-me-up helps, then there might be a more serious issue at hand. Get help.


I am here to talk if you need to.


Amaze Yourself,




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