Last week, I helped an older man in a wheelchair escape! It happened by accident, but boy, did it make me feel good.

I was walking the dog when I noticed an older man struggling to push his wheelchair across the street. So I offered to help him cross. He gratefully accepted and then asked me to bring him to the store at the end of the road.


Just when we were about to reach the store, a nurse came in running pursuit. It appeared the man ‘escaped’ and was needed to return at once. Luckily he convinced the nurse to visit the store and gave me a wink.



It made me feel so good. 


Something so small really brightened my day. Through my help, he achieved his goal. How I loved it. It also reminded me of how we do business; these are the lessons I took from it:


  1. Set a clear goal.


  1. Believe you will be able to make the goal and start on your journey to get there.


  1. When you get stuck, ask for help.


  1. Enjoy the help, and use it to your advantage. You’ll move forward so much quicker when you do. Your goal gets within reach in no time.

Be the CEO of your life - do this to feel good - help someone

  1. When it looks like there is another obstacle in your way blocking you from reaching your goal, don’t despair. Don’t give up either.


  1. Keep going for your goal, even when it means you’ll reach it in a different way than you expected in the first place.


  1. Don’t take no for an answer; when you want it, work for it and make it work. No matter what.



What is your takeaway?


Later on that week, I reconnected with an old friend in South Africa. She’s an entrepreneur who recently pivoted her services. She was struggling, but she wasn’t giving up. She kept going after her goal, convinced she would reach it.


In just one conversation, I was able to help her set up a strategy outlining all the steps that will get her to the goal. With that, she’s able to prioritize, focus and win the business she’s after. She’ll do well.


This made me feel great. Helping others is why I started my business.


I’m also aware that not everyone wants three months of coaching but might be struggling and could use a session like that. That’s why I have decided to open up Power Sessions during April.


For only $199, £149, you receive 1.5 hrs of coaching to help you to that next level, overcome that struggle and work less hard while gaining more results. Book here or reply to this email with any questions you may have.


Want to feel better in a period like this? Help someone! It makes such a difference for both you and them.


Amaze Yourself,






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