Have you started working already? I know I have. And where I used to be extremely busy, I’m now extremely productive. But I’m not just productive; I also make sure that I work on my priorities only when I work.

Do you ever feel frustrated after a day of long working hours? Angry with yourself because even though you gave it your all and put in so much time, there’s still so much to do.

It doesn’t help your energy either. No matter how energetic you wake up each night, you feel deflated.

There’s so much to do and only so few hours in a day.

When this resonates with you, I hear you. I’ve been in your shoes. Eagerly working on growing my business day in and day out, assuming that’s what you need to do as “successful business owner”.

Working 24/7 in your business is not my definition of success; is it yours?

It’s not about being busy, but it’s about being productive.

And even so, being productive may not help you.

As when you’re working on the wrong things, and you keep doing all the things – you’ll never get to what you really need to do.

Does this resonate with you?

You need to take 3 steps to get the results you’re after.

Do you know what the secret is? You’re 3 steps away from getting the results. Being productive is merely an essential part. However, if you don’t start right, you’re not achieving your desired outcomes. These are the 3 steps that set you up for success:

1. Become a goal-getter

Read more about the way to set goals so that they become easy to achieve while still bringing you the business growth you’re craving here.

Yvonne Dam Coaching Stop being busy start being productive - here's how
2. Work on your priorities

This is the step that seems most difficult to take. Do you struggle with focus too? If so, I have something amazing coming up soon – and you’ll receive an update from me. Meanwhile, if you can’t wait to hear more, follow my Instagram stories.

You can hear me talk about it all the time. The best thing? What’s coming is completely free!

3. Take aligned actions

When you’ve taken the first two steps, taking aligned actions becomes easy. Being productive becomes a given. And achieving your goals is second nature. You’ve become a goal-getter. Sounds amazing, right?

You know what’s even better than reading about these steps? Is take these steps and finally be able to finish that to-do list. To get all the work you envisioned doing done while you still have energy left to do something other than work. Sounds good? If so, I’d love to show you how to take these steps. Stay tuned over the next few days as a big announcement is coming up.

Amaze Yourself,


P.S.: The new year has started. New Year, Better You? If you’re ready to step into the improved version of yourself that’s eager to grow your business to the next level while working 20% less, reach out. My 1:1 coaching programs are designed to help you work less and get more.

Yvonne Dam

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