Surviving a brain tumor and how to deal with impactful life events

When Mildred and I spoke, she told me she’s celebrating life profoundly since she’s two years free of her brain tumor.

I love that.

Celebrate your health, your business, who you are, where you are at.


Many of us experience life-altering events at one point or another. Some are good; others may feel bad at that time, and it can be a gift in disguise.

Like my burn-out was for me. It has brought me so much, in hindsight. I needed that wake-up call.

But don’t wait for a wake-up call to happen. You don’t need a life-altering event in your life to make changes.

Learn from Mildred and me and allow yourself to make those changes you want now, don’t wait for an event to happen.

Join us live here, or watch the replay.

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Yvonne Dam

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