Why every business owner needs (good) PR

Do you ever wonder why certain business owners make more impact than others? And not only that, they get the better deals, are featured everywhere and are overall so much more visible?

It is the difference between working with a PR company and having someone helping you to be seen for the amazing value you offer or not.

Kathleen McMorrow is thé PR expert that does all that and more.

Having worked in the PR business for over 25 years, she has the experience and knows what it takes to get you great PR.

In this interview, she’ll tell you why it is hard to do this on your own. What happens as a consequence of bad PR, and how and where to start mending this.

I love Kathleen, as she is so knowledgeable, and she has a wealth of experience that she freely shares.

Always wanted to know about PR and become more visible? You do not want to miss this.

Press reminder and join us Iive here at 12:00 pm Eastern Time.

Do you believe your business has good PR?

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Yvonne Dam

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