Teamwork can make a dream work, how that happened to me.

Today I had a photo shoot, as I will be featuring on the front of a magazine soon.

And I had a long day; since I hired a great photographer, I also had to make sure that all else was in place.

So I had a hairdresser and make-up artist helping me this morning to look the part.

They both went out on a limb to accommodate me and were up bright and early. They really made me look extraordinary and photo-ready.

My photographer was amazing. She helped me with the right outfits and made me laugh a lot.

The pictures (from what I have seen) are something else. I am so happy as this is all part of my new branding and something else that is coming soon, something very special.

Coming home after a long day of ‘work’, I just realized how grateful I am for these amazing people that helped me and are building with me on my dream.

#coaching #branding #gettingthingsdone

Yvonne Dam

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