Why we all need someone as a reminder -now and again-

Today I visited my VIP client after several months.

We have been working intermittently for more than a year now.

Today we picked up where we left off; it turned out we met last in December 2020.

In the meantime, she had not proceeded.

Now the thoughts that she needed to take action haunted her.

And with reason, as it is quite long to wait 7 months.

She’s not alone.

I meet people like this all the time, they want something badly, yet life gets in the way, and they get sidetracked.

That’s why I am cooking something up to help you here.

Today I am talking about what you can do to assure you keep on track. Even, or especially, when life takes over.

Be the CEO of your life, go together, and you’ll grow faster,


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Yvonne Dam

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