Relive your last proud moment. What comes up for you? Thinking back on your achievements is a great way to silence those inner Gremlins. Many of my clients have started to change their mindset that way, one step at a time. Keeping an evidence list of their achievements and reading this list from time to time.


Life is not measured by time. It is measured by moments.


I’m inviting you to do the same. Keep track of your achievements, and write them down. Better yet, revert to these moments at least once a day. Relive those moments. 


You know the moment I often actively relive? The moment of my book release. The launch of my book: “Fast Forward Focus 4 Instant Results” is a moment I am very proud of. Do you know why? Because this book made a difference in people’s lives. This book has made people more productive, helped them to work less, and that’s what’s making me happy.

This made me happy

What about you? What was a moment you were proud of? 


And, if you’re looking for ways to become more productive, enhance your focus, and stop procrastination – get yourself a copy of my book today. For you, it comes with the possibility of asking me any questions you have during a Q&A session. 


<<YES, to higher productivity>>


Be the CEO of your life, work less, live more,



Yvonne Dam

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