These last two days, I unplugged—very little social media exposure, nor hardly any scrolling. A lot of talks walks and yes there was champagne.

After these two days, I felt like a week has gone by. I feel amazing. I had so many new insights, and I love the feeling.


The best thing is to step away from it all, as by literally taking a step back – you gain perspective. Having someone to talk to, and share all that is going on in your mind is amazing as that offers new insights.


Where we often cut ourselves short, and mainly focus on what is not there – an outsider is great at what ís there—all the achievements, big and small that you tend to forget about yourself.

Unplug, reset and thrive - Be the CEO of your life - Online coaching


As that is what driven business owners, like me –and you- do. We’re focused on the next goal. A new target. More clients. We always go on.


I am inviting you to pause 


Take a step back. Be in awe what’s already there. As there is so much, you’ve already achieved!


And, yes it does help to gain a fresh perspective from an outside expert as well, so you can actually see and feel your accomplishments before you move on to your next goal.


Let me bring that outside perspective for you, as it is a great way to start and double your turnover and not your hours. Interested in how I can help you? Book a clarity call with me today.


Be the CEO of your life,




PS What are some small and inexpensive steps everybody can do to normalize health at the workplace? Listen to my interview on the podcast going solo here.



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