I want my business to make more money, so I am starting a new business on Amazon on the side. 

I love to sell my VIP programme, as it allows me to help my clients in the best way, and I make more money with it. Now that I need the money coming in let me go out there and offer a new to be created lower-priced programme.

My services work best for clients X, and I love to work with them. Now I also say yes to clients Y, even though I don’t like them so much, nor do they pay me well, but I need the money.


Do you see the disconnect here?


These are real-life examples of what I see happening, and what has happened before clients start to work with me. They want to make more money but deviate from the one thing and the one client who can make them money with ease.


Thoughts that frizzle my brain, and should alarm you! 


As these thoughts deviate your focus. I am also talking as if one only has two options, to add 1 new service to their already existing one. In reality, it isn’t only two things people are working on; it is numerous things. They’ll keep on adding new and different services to the mix.


All that time and energy is going to waste


It is spread out, unfocused and lacks results. Because of that. My response: 


“Go after that one thing, that you love to do ánd makes you good money!”.



It’s the easiest, most superior and quickest way to let your business become more profitable



I help my clients to start seeing this. And thén, I help them overcome the limiting beliefs that held them back, to go after these money-making opportunities in the first place.

Like I did with K., who immediately sold two recurring packages worth $10K after our first coaching session. That’s an additional $10K every month, again and again. 

I love to help my clients make more money with ease, and bring back the joy in their business. 


Goodbye to hustle, hello to flow


What about you? Are you ready to take it easier too, whilst making more money? If so, feel free to reach out.


Amaze Yourself,





Performance Coaching _ Online Life Coach _Succes and Focus _ Be the CEO of YOUR Life - Yvonne DamYvonne Dam is a life coach who helps ambitious and successful people to create time. Looking at how you can personally make a bigger impact, without working longer. people to create time. Looking at how you can personally make a bigger impact, without working longer. Resulting in better results, more free time, and overall more fun in life. Freedom- by living your life on your own terms. Yvonne is passionate about coaching and sharing her expertise with you so you can be liberated to fully embrace life. Ready to have more time and enjoy life? >> Get More time Done in Less Time – download now<<

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