For some people, success is the best there is, whilst others see success as a dirty word. How do you feel about it? Do you like success?

I for starters always had an ambivalent look on the word success. As I am ambitious I want to make a contribution, make a difference and therefore be successful. But the standard picture of successful people is not exactly what my success picture looks like.

The movie starts playing: an older man, with a lot of bling, walks with his arm around his much younger wife. The camera zooms in and we see a huge mansion with lush green land in the background. The man starts talking about how easy it is to become a millionaire. You will only need to … (buy something off him).

What is your definition of success?

I do not believe in you only have to… as if it was you only have to … then everybody would be a millionaire. But I do believe in success and enjoying your success. It is all about the definition of success.

For me, that is making a difference in the lives of others by means of my coaching. If I’m able to do that and people value me for it then I feel successful. That is what I believe in. That is what I enjoy.

What is your definition of success? And how successful do you feel you are?

Increasing your success

When you are just as ambitious as I am, you will also like to increase your success. You will want to make a larger contribution, raise your success rate.

One thing all successful people have in common: focus. They are focusing. If you want to become more successful, ask yourself the following: how can I focus more on what I need to do?


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Where do you spend your time on?

You are most likely very busy, isn’t it? That is why I encourage you to keep track of what it is you spend your time on. Take an average working day and register where you spend your time on. Do not only write down your tasks but include the number of hours you are working on it. When you keep track of your time expenditure for a couple of days, you will get a clear image of your average working day. When you only look at one day this could be an extremely busy or rather special day, blurring the actually needed information.

Do you use your time most efficient?

Now that you have made it clear where you spend your time on, you should evaluate whether you make the most efficient use of your time. You can do so by zooming in on the tasks that contribute the most towards your envisioned results. Which are those tasks? Which are the tasks that make the most impact? Once you have identified these tasks, you know what to focus on.

Focusing on these tasks doesn’t mean you are adding more towards your workload. Rather you should diminish it and make your workload more results driven. You do so by not only focusing on those tasks that are most impactful but releasing other tasks at the same time.

Creating time and space

Looking at the results of your time tracking records and eliminating the tasks that drive the results, leaves the rest of the tasks. Of these tasks, which are things you shouldn’t do by yourself? Are there any tasks that take a lot of your time, which others could do way quicker? These are exemplary tasks you could easily stop, hand over or delegate.

Would you like to know how you could become more successful through focus? Apply today for your three personal tips in a free focus call. Email me so we can start working together on your success.

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