Do you often feel like you haven’t done enough?


Even though you worked countless hours? 


It happens to many high achievers – working but not feeling satisfied with the outcome.


If you recognize this, there may be a couple of things at play:


You’re not starting your day with your critical activities; rather, you start working on whatever requires your attention right then. If this is you, I recommend you write down the night before:


  • What meetings you have the next day


  • What 3 most impactful actions you need to take that bring you results


  • Focus only on what you’ve written down and, after that, on everything else

  Want to do more, and feel better, at the end of the day?


You’re procrastinating, or you do a lot of non-essential work first, leaving the most crucial work till “after hours”. There can be many reasons for this:


  • You need to start to make a habit of beginning your day with your “ugliest frog,” that task you’re dreading


  • You are doing work you shouldn’t be doing. You need to outsource (think of up work and fiver), delegate, or simply stop it


  • You somehow don’t feel worthy or deserving, and that’s why you’re not doing the critical work, like following up on a lead – you’re self-sabotaging

You need a break desperately, and that’s why you “work” slowly, whereas if you took a proper break, your productivity would soar 


The solution? Watch this 1-minute video and get ready to turn things around! Don’t want to watch a video but want to know what to do? Let’s chat!


Amaze Yourself!




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Yvonne Dam

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