Have you ever abandoned one project so you could work on another new project? Without properly thinking it through, but seeing an opportunity and seizing it? Only to end up with two [or more] unfinished projects? 

If so, you might suffer from the “shiny object syndrome”. It’s the habit of continually chasing new things and saying yes to too many projects, ideas, or opportunities without understanding how they align with your goals, leading to massive overwhelm, stress, and lack of results.


How to stop falling for the shiny objects


  • Get a clear strategy and commit to it

    A strategy that suits you and works with your strengths is imperative. Commit to your way of working for a fixed period, long enough to yield the first results. 


  • Say no more often

    As a business owner, you see opportunities everywhere. However, if you stick to your plan by saying no [or not now] more often, your focus and results will increase significantly. 

  • Eliminate the shiny objects

    Stop the noise. Too many experts in your social media feed that distract you? Unfollow them. Reduce your hours consuming content or listening to others.

do you fall for shiny objects?

  • Stop comparing

    You are the expert. You know what works best for you. Stop comparing yourself, your business growth, or your income with other entrepreneurs. They aren’t you

  • Get more accountability

    The quickest and easiest way to stick to your plan is to share it with others. Update them on the actions and results you achieve weekly through accountability calls.


Once you have started with accountability, procrastination stops, and results come in. 


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Be the CEO of your life. Work less, live more,



Yvonne Dam

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