What are you celebrating today?

I am very excited as my MasterMind It IS Your Time is to start soon.

This small container with amazing people that I get to coach for 12 weeks, makes me so light up.

Knowing I will see people change their business in those weeks, and transform the way they work, is thrilling.

Helping clients to establish their crucial profitable work, so they can focus and skip unfulfilling yet time-consuming tasks.

Seeing how clients feel more fulfilled, as they close their laptops at night feeling good about their workday, having done a ton of work.

Enjoying the sight of seeing the understanding grow, as to why they were first procrastinating and now have tweaked their tasks and worked on their mindset allowing them to go full speed ahead.

I honestly can’t wait for September to arrive, as that is when we start.

Start to get more essential work done, bringing more time and enjoyment back in business.

That is what I am celebrating today.

What about you what are you celebrating?

#coaching #gettingthingsdone #itisyourtime

Yvonne Dam

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